RES foundation

February 2, 2021

Design and illustration for RES Foundation publication about energy efficiency and air pollution in Bački Monoštor (West Bačka District,Serbia). The village is located on a small peninsula surrounded by the Danube backwaters and channels – hence the name “Good energy on the 7 Danube”.

Design and illustration for RES Foundation international conference “How to win the Balkan air-pollution dodgeball?”

Illustration for Smarter Stoves Partnership – The regional knowledge platform for replacement of inefficient individual devices for residential heating in households across the Western Balkans.

The image is based on characteristic stove called ‘Smederevac’, but the doors are in position of Western Balkan counties to symbolize that region.

Illustration for project “Green Rural Deal” which supports the transformation of Priboj, Serbia into a zero-carbon municipality by 2030.